Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lagi Tag Dari Sarnia...

Adus!! Kena tag lagi..(harap inilah yang terakhir)

1) 3 name in your inbox cellphone
i. hubby
ii. kaklong
iii. bos

2) Your main ringtone
upin ipin

3) What u did at 12 last night?

4) Who was the last person you went out with? Where?
Kak Na (kakak saya) PWTC

5) The color of the t-shirt you're wearing? Now?

6) The last thing u did
membaca novel

7) 3 of your everyday favorite items
i. PC
ii. novel
iii. kolam ikan/bunga

8) The color of your bedroom?
light yellow

9) How much money in your wallet now?
adalar beberapa keping kertas hehehe

10) How's life?

11) Your favorite song?
lagu lama kut

12) What will you do next weekend?

13) When was the last time you saw your mom?
11 year ago..

14) Where is she now?
kembali ke rahmatullah.

15) When was the last time you talked to your parents?
last friday with my dad

16) Who is the last person that texted you?
cheyam (my niece)

17) Where did you have dinner last night?
kat rumah

18) The last surprise you got?
hadiah dari kakyati

19) Last thing you borrowed from your friend
takde pinjam pape

20) Who is your BF/GF or Husband/wife?
Mohamad Sukri my hubby

21) What do you feel now?

22) Wanna share with who?

23) Who knows your secret?
takde secret pun

24) They keep your secret?

25) Are you angry with someone?

27) The last time you felt so sad?
biasa je

28) Mahu tag?
Malas da!!!


ain said...

hihihi..bagus kak Nik tdk memanjangkan tag ni.

Nik Fauziah Nik Hussin said...

hheh... malas nak pekena org ain...