Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sesi Tag dan Award

Ada beberapa sahabat yang menganugerahkan saya award dan menyuruh saya menjawab tag. Kepada yang tercicir tu.. saya minta maaf banyak-banyak. Maaf sangat2 yer..(do remind me)

Award dari Hanny

Award dari doc Ina

Ni pula tag dari aJa...

1.Your view on yourself.
happy go lucky

2.The type of boyfriend you are looking for.
like my hubby lar.. who else!

3.Your readiness to commit to a relationship
i'm already in a relationship, very complicated!

4.The seriousness of your love.
the very the serious meh!

5.Your views on education.
Very important

6.The right job for you.
what I’m doing now!

7.How do you view success.
as long as I’m happy (subjective lorr)

8.What are you most afraid of.
not knowing…

9.Who is your true self.
A practicing and pious muslim in a making..(trying to improve every day lorr)